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Looking for the perfect accesory to go with your Friday night outfit? Or maybe finding out what is this year colour trend in Home Interior Design… or maybe looking for inspiration of living a healthier lifestyle?

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Basic + Extra is a Toronto based fashion, Home and lifestyle site launched by Cynthia Mory in January 2018.

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Very recently, I had the opportunity to be part of a team which I am thankful for. If you know me... By now you would know that I am always looking for a new project to work on. Sourcing out clients, looking for opportunities. Just trying to make something of myself....

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Love. The truth, in all honesty.

Love, the truth, in all honesty is that a certain part of you that truly believes that if you give away your love will entirely - no, actually must - result in having some kind of love equivalent to what you gave in return. If for any reason you did not believe in...

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Just face what scares you most

What is is about yourself that makes you so scared, and so ashamed that would go and hide it an any length? The one thing that you have thought you have succeeded in forgetting to the point it will return to disturb and haunt you yet again in some moment, unexpected....

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