I’m basic with a side of extra.

“With good basics, you’ll have endless options”

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I am an Entrepreneurial Spirit. A designer, copywriter and social media enthusiast who enjoys fashion, decor, food & culture who works and lives in Toronto.

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

So, its Mental Health Awareness Week. This is not easy to share. I have kept a lot of emotions and feelings to myself for most of my life. Speaking out loud has always been very difficult for me. I've managed to always smile and laugh even though deep down, inside and...

How To Make Room For White Space In Your Life

With an amazing quantity of alternatives each day, we ought to discover ways to choose accurately and say no to things that do not add pleasure to our lives. We must choose to organize our days based totally on what's crucial to us and stop there. I frequently...

A New York Loft Apartment With A Minimalistic Scandinavian Touch

You don't often come across a 19th century factory building that has been entirely, brutally and totally renovated in New York.  But in this case a 1400 sq ft. loft in Tribeca has not had a hand touch it in the last 50 years and still maintains many of the original...

Vegan Chocolate Chip Zucchini Gluten Free Muffins

So, yesterday afternoon I had a meeting with Charmaine at The Cold Pressery to discuss some business needs. This was my first visit to this place as I normally order their menu via Skip The Dishes or Uber Eats. I've never had any of their baked goods until Charmaine...

5 Ted Talks That Will Help Inspire A Minimal Lifestyle

Very recently, I have been very inspired to live life simply and minimally. Gradually, I have been clearing my home of necessary belongings, putting them up for sale or donating them. At first I had no idea where to begin so I have been searching a lot of articles,...

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Healthy Mornings: Baked Eggs & Avocados

Healthy Mornings: Baked Eggs & Avocados

Who knew? Baking your eggs right inside of an avocado would be healthy breakfast choice to start your day off right!   Fact:  Avocado are not vegetables, they are fruits. And they are filled with heart-healthy good fats. However, eggs are known for their...

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