We spend so much time, never satisfied and on the hunt searching for all the high materialistic trend yet never content with what we have. To help us focus on that one aspect of the ever so often-complicated lives we have everyday, evaluating what we deem to be necessary and figuring whether our consumption for these habits are in fact essential, Basic + Extra has a 30-day challenge at becoming a minimalist.

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Day 1. Purge your wardrobe

Feel good about starting your month by donating clothing you no longer want. This gives you the opportunity to shop your closet. Try on the clothing you have forgotten about or that outfit that once made you feel great.

Day 2. Clean your handbag

When was the last time you’ve dumped your handbag? How many loose coins, shopping receipts, old lip balms have to pile up before you realize it’s too much? Flip that purse, let the dust fly and make it an opportunity to do a quick cleaning and wipe down.

Day 3. Toss out old socks

Socks with holes, have no pair and underwear whose lace has been torn… Get rid!

Day 4. Clean out your digital devices.

How many phone apps are you actually using on your smart phones? When was the last time you played candy crush or did a dubsmash? Delete images from your phones once they are in your digital storage. Same goes with your laptops and desktops. Your devices will run a lot smoother and quicker once this is done.

Day 5. Empty your wallet.

Pennies are no longer valid in your wallet. Used gift cards and receipts. What will you be needing them more?

Day 6. Write your friends best qualities

Take time to write the qualities you look for in people in which you choose to surround yourself with.

Day 7. Your best qualities

What are you great at? Give notice to self-love, what do you love about yourself? It will make you more grateful and blessed for all the non-materials things in this world.

Day 8. The 20 minute journal

Whether it’s the first thing you do in the morning or the last thing you do before bed time. During the morning it can help empty your mind  and encourage you to focus on the more important thing as you go through your day. If you do this before bed, it will help to offload all your stress and anxiety.

Day 9. Donate old books

Toss that classic book you bought that you never had planned on reading. Those old high-school or university text books. Or that book you read relaxing at the cottage from last year. But those books that help change your life, you may keep those.

Day 10. No makeup for a day

Simply learning to self-love.

Day 11. Meditate

It’s all about taking the time to be relaxed, calm and present in the moment connecting with your inner self.

Day 12. Spend time with your loved ones

When was the last time your had brunch with your friends or dinner with your family without looking down on your phone, scrolling through your fb newsfeed mid conversation? Practice uninterrupted conversations, engaging, listening and making eye contact with those around you.

Day 13. Start a gratitude log

This will enlighten you with the things or people you appreciate in your life. It could be for having a food at the table, a roof over your head, the friend that was always there for you.

Day 14. Evaluate your last 5 purchases

The Star Wars light saber? Those emoji throw pillows? Those recipe books you’ll never use? That limited edition lipstick from Sephora that is identical to the the 12 other nude shades you have but in gold colour packaging?

Day 15. A day offline

Everywhere you go, everyone is looking down… at their phones. It’s nice to look up once in a while. Go unplugged.

Day 16. 24 hours without spending

Instead of taking a 30 second Uber ride for one block, try walking over or taking your bike out. Remember that park behind your home?

Day 17. Don’t complain for 24 hours

You’ll realize how much you have to be grateful for when you stop complaining and you’ll also notice how often you actually do complain.

Day 18. Set aside your phone for a day

It’s the same feeling after removing the ring off your finger or the watch on your wrist. You’ll feel lost and bored. But if you fight it, you’ll feel more liberated, care free and open.

Day 19. Venture outdoors

Live in the city? Go drive a couple hours out of the city. Go for a hike in the mountains, relax at your lakeside cottage. Appreciate nature, earth in it’s purest form.

Day 20. Create space to relax

Light a candle or turn on your diffuser with your favourite essential oil. Set an area with some cushions and a cup of hot herbal tea. Whatever you want to do here is completely up to you. But you will be distraction free.

Day 21. Re-evaluate your to do list

Whether it’s lunch with an old co-worker friend or a trip to the mall, think about the reason you need to do it. Is it really necessary, or are you creating needless errand for yourself?

Day 22. De-cluttering your storage

Keep your things stored out of your sight. Pens and pencils can be kept in our desk drawer. Paper in your filing cabinet. Dish soap in the cupboards, you get the point. Do this and you feel less clutter around you.

Day 23. Empty you junk drawer

Dried out markers, expired coupons, distorted paper clips, loose staples and nails… toss it out!

Day 24. Turn notifications off

Turn off your social media push notifications. Alerts for emails and instant messaging. The only one who should be in control, is you… not your phone.

Day 25. Batch cook your meals

Who really enjoys cooking all their meals every single day. Not me! Try bulk cooking or meal prepping for a week a time.

Day 26. Complete all errands today

Instead of planning out all your tasks throughout the week. Get them all done in a day in a concentrated time that way you can enjoy the rest your days and not being a life admin.

Day 27. Get out of a toxic relationship

Time to unfriend people you don’t even talk or see since high school on your personal social media. Or address a person who has a negative impact on your life know that you no longer want to chill with them.

Day 28. Clear out your make p collection

Get rid of duplicates, dried lip glosses and cracked bronzers. Reminder, mascara shouldn’t last longer than three months, and foundation should not be with you longer than a year. Empty your make up collection. Evaluate all of them.

Day 29. Say no to something today

Say no to something that you feel obliged to do that wouldn’t be good for your physical, mental and spiritual health. Be honest and true to yourself.

Day 30. Re-purge your wardrobe

It’s been a month now that you have lived with a minimal mindset. It’s now time to re-evaluate your closet space and see if you can get toss out anything you might have missed on day 1. If you haven’t worn some items in the last 30 days, this might be a good indicator that it can now be tossed!

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