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Looking for the perfect accesory to go with your Friday night outfit? Or maybe finding out what is this year colour trend in Home Interior Design… or maybe looking for inspiration of living a healthier lifestyle?

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Basic + Extra is a Toronto based fashion, Home and lifestyle site launched by Cynthia Mory in January 2018.

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I want to remind you of something really important.

I want to remind you of something really important.

To the girl who hasn’t been herself lately, I know how it feels to catch yourself daydreaming and lost. I know how it feels to feel how you’ve been feeling. I know you're trying really hard to not let your emotions overcome you and to get that lost spark back. And I...

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Healthy Mornings: Baked Eggs & Avocados

Healthy Mornings: Baked Eggs & Avocados

Who knew? Baking your eggs right inside of an avocado would be healthy breakfast choice to start your day off right!   Fact:  Avocado are not vegetables, they are fruits. And they are filled with heart-healthy good fats. However, eggs are known for their...

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It was early last year when it hit me. What the hell am I doing with my life? Why is it that i feel like something is missing? I asked myself a whole bunch of questions. I realized, I am not where I want to be - career wise. I went from job to job. I was always placed...

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