Very recently, I have been very inspired to live life simply and minimally. Gradually, I have been clearing my home of necessary belongings, putting them up for sale or donating them.

At first I had no idea where to begin so I have been searching a lot of articles, listening to podcast and watching some videos. I came across these 5 TED Talk videos on youtube about living a minimal lifestyle. While I still have a long way to go in becoming a minimalists, and quite often find myself struggling with the “But, What if and Just incase” these videos have boost my motivation and inspired me with my journey. Maybe it will also inspire you.

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1. Adam Baker | Sell your crap, pay your debt, do what you love 

2. Grant Blakeman | Minimalism: for a more full life 

3. The Minimalists | A rich life with less stuff

4. Maura Malloy | The masterpiece of a simple life 


5. Graham Hill | Less stuff more happiness



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