You name it! I’ve been there, done that. I had the pleasure to work for myself as well as working for “The Big Guy”. From picking and packing to being a personal assistant to a CEO.

I know, I feel you… Working for yourself can be very scary, frustrating, feeling unsupported. It’s a constant struggle. But on the other hand, to me, getting to work for myself is truly the ultimate in personal fulfillment and freedom.

Although everything about being self-employed that is difficult, there is so much more pleasure to it than working for “The Big Guy”. Below are 22 reasons why. Now these things are from my own experiences  so yours might differ, depending on what your situation is and how you set up your own business.

Here are 22 things that make working for yourself better than working for “the big guy.”


  1. You have no one to blame but yourself. Because honestly, looking to blame other people is such a waste of time.
  2. Your progress is measured in terms that matter. such as products created, the audiences built  and profits you have earned instead of the  “corporate world” terms like busywork, being a team player and face time.
  3. You don’t have to stress working for a boss who is an Asshole. Unless, you yourself becomes an asshole.
  4. You have more than just 2 weeks Vacation. Because I’m too focused on working on my own and building a brand, I haven’t gone away much. But what’s stopping me? I can work remotely from anywhere, on my own time… Anywhere in the world without having to request for it or asking someone to take my shift.
  5. Your time is your time. You decide when and when not to work.
  6. You get to choose what projects to work on. There’s no reason why you have to pursue in things that don’t interest you. If you want to succeed, then follow what you are passionate about.
  7. Who says you can’t drink while you’re at work? Unless you’re a doctor working on a patient, I suggest you don’t.
  8. The freedom to live anywhere you want. Well depending that the location is flexible to your situation, whereas mine is online. There’s no reason I couldn’t be writing this from Jamaica or Barcelona or Thailand.
  9. Casual Friday is any day, to the highest max. I got my panda pajammies on, my hair is a mess. I can even work in my underwear (Maybe that’s just me)
  10. Being yourself. Like, your real goofy self, not your “professional business” self.
  11. Every bit of effort you put towards your business, directly benefits you. Having pay related to output is a key factor in job satisfaction.
  12. Save your gas. I mean if you wanted to you could rent an office so far from home, but you’re not gonna do that, are you?
  13. Laid off? Not possible! Running out of clients or business is possible, but at least you won’t be kept in the dark.
  14. Sitting through action-less, endless, pointless meetings. You spend so many hours in a day in meetings, no wonder why some companies never get much done. Imagine what you can do with all that extra time. I’m going to grab myself a pizza!
  15. The Box! Well Cubicles. I hope in the years to come we look back on the cubicle and end up realizing how sad it was for those who spend 8 or more hours a day in a damn cubicle. I honestly think its so damn cruel.
  16. You think office coffee is better. BUT all the food is better when you work for yourself. No stinky cafeteria, office coffee that has been watered down, no lunches at McDonalds or whatever you fancy because The Big Guy won’t let you take more than 15 minutes away from your desk (which is stuck in a box). And if you can’t drink caffeine you can ask your superior to start buying decaffeinated tea.
  17. Tired of your scenery? You can always change it up . I love being able to work from home in bed, a local coffee shop, by the Lakeshore or my parent’s place where I can visit my niece, As long as I can get access to internet. A change in scenery can work wonders for your creative mind.
  18. You don’t have to feel like crap about doing personal things. You got a doctors appointment? How about that Dance class you wanted to take which started at 4PM?  Or being able to hit the gym while it’s empty! When you work for yourself you make your own schedule, and you don’t have to worry what your boss thinks of you to make you feel guilty.
  19. Who you want to work with is entirely up to you. You are in charge of hiring, you get to choose your clients, you get to select the consultants and freelancers. Leave out the jerks and boring people and bring in the people who inspire you.
  20. If there is something you don’t want to do, in most cases you don’t have to do it. Well, except for paying taxes, that is. Good thing my partner is becoming an Accountant!
  21. Your income is limited ONLY by your creativity and willingness to work.
  22. No aspect of working for a big corporate company can touch the deep fulfillment and satisfaction you experience from being completely self-sufficient. Knowing that you are solely and entirely responsible for contributing enough value for the world to earn your keep is one of life’s greatest rewards. And to fully understand that, you need to experience it.

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