Dear Special Future,

I didn’t know how to start this letter
Dear, or hello, couldn’t decide which sound better.
I went for the informal because I’m not trying to impress
Try to make it laid back so there’s no need to stress.
I know I don’t know your name—but someday I hope
We’ll meet on the street and no longer be alone.
Sometimes I gaze up at the stars and imagine how it will be—
Where will it happen? Will you just turn and look at me?
Will we discover the meaning of “love at first sight?”
Perhaps it will take one or two nights—
Laying out under the stars and discovering the mysteries
Asking questions that have eluded the minds of many for centuries.
Maybe it will be our laughter that floats in the air—
That makes us turn in the right direction, at that moment, right there.
Our eyes will meet, and it will be just like in a movie
We’ll smile at each other, and you’ll ask me out for a cup of coffee.
Oh the possibilities, they haunt me in my sleep
All the secrets I want to share but for now I keep.
Each poem I write makes me somehow feel closer to you
Based on emotions that I know to be true.
When life gets me down, I look up at the night sky
For a long moment, I’m silent but eventually I’ll sigh—
Someday we’ll meet, and it’ll be like we had never been apart
Because you know when you’ve found the one
That completes your heart.

I look at the letter, tears roll down my cheeks
I rest my head on my pillow, and try to sleep.
Slowly the letter slips from my hands—
Tumbles to the ground, but the wind has other plans.
Out the window, it soars through the night
Travels the world in its magnificent flight—
And gets caught in a branch, outside her room;
Where inside she is dreaming of the love to come soon.


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