As we grow we tend to use the term “learn” often. Such as, I am learning, I learned, I have learned, etc… In my current situation I can say I have lived. I have lived to through pain, lived to heart ache, family, relationships, friendship, and all life has to offer. Up to now I found only one thing that is valuable and is worth every breath, every once of life, everything I am is ME. Let me explain…

We are taught by books, friends, and family to think and give to others, love and cherish them, that will only come when we truly learn to love and cherish ourself. We will have more compassion, when we have compassion for who we are, what we do. Never make excuses for what we believe in. It is not in the principle or value but it is in what we witness as reality. Principle and values are guiding lines, truth comes when the actual experience happens. For example, you are taught to believe in the principle of loyalty, yet the teacher themselves does not practice loyalty, and so the truth appears. Very few can last a ” life time” many can last a decade. Marriage and separation is another good example. Both swears to love and honor till death, rich or poor yet they can move on as soon as the next train comes along. This applies to many aspects in life, it is in our friendship, our work, everything. If fashion has trends so do people.

Action speaks louder then any blog, phone conversation, heart to heart talk… bla bla… Be real, be there, and take the good with the bad.

So my friends, what is the lesson in this little story, sweet is bitter, bitter is sweet, positive is fake, the truth is never pretty, bite it and swallow, it will only make you stronger. For those who claim to be positive but run when shit hits the fan, they are only made up of words. Their whole lives is just about feeling good. Feeling good is instant gratification, like instant noodles, good at the moment but harmful in the long run. Straight forwardness and bluntness hurt at the moment but will give you pain but it will build endurance, this does not mean you should be spas but be truthful in how you feel even if it is the hardest thing to say or do.

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