It’s not being egotistical or conceited or whatever you want to call it. You can hate me, or you can love me. Its called finally waking up and realizing what your worth and how valuable you are. Its about being happy and making those you care about just as happy as you are, maybe even more. Its called being independent and working hard to get where you want to be. its called being true to yourself, being true to others. Its about making the right choices and even when things get rough and hard, you still fight and try to be positive. It’s about appreciating everything you have then and now without forgetting where you came from. I am happy for who I am and those who I surround myself with. Family and friends. I may not be completely the same little girl you once knew, but I still have the same heart, care, love…the same dreams and the same support for whatever you all want to achieve. I do this for myself, not to impress anyone… but if I somehow give a positive impact to others, then I am happy.

Have a beautiful day I just want you all to smile.



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