Often I wake up and ask myself  one question.   How and what am I going to give back today?   Giving for me is a ritual.  I practice this art not only in my personal life but also in my business and live style.  Giving back is giving of yourself fully to whatever it is you are doing for someone you love.   Love comes in many shape and form.  It could be a project or the people that shape your life or better yet, a complete stranger.
I was profoundly touched yesterday by a friend who was so very very kind to me.  I spent the night writting something in a book that can inspire me and thought very deeply about where my life was heading and slept super well.   I woke up this morning and I was so very happy.  Thanks to her for all the pressure.  You have inspired me to give and to be better.
I know some of you must be reading this post and think I am  crazy/corny  and delusional,  however let me explain my reason.  Think of life as a bank account.  Your life bank account has to be in high numbers for you to have a good life.  The high numbers don’t just appear, you have to make deposits.   Believe it or not, this bank account will be in the red if you keep withdrawing and not depositing.  So work on deposits, add to your life bank account and watch, life will take care of you.  Exact model is your real bank account.

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