Been a while since I wrote up anything on my blog. The past few weeks, maybe even months I have been going through alot of changes, many that are good and some that are not the greatest but that is where life sets us challenges. To see how far we can move, how far we can reach, how strong we really are. It tests our relationships, whether it be friends, family, partners, co-workers and even complete strangers.

Getting on the positive side of change can become a life changing habit that is exciting and dynamic. After a while we look forward to change as an adventure and opportunity. But it takes us a while to get there.  Coming from experience, I understand  how people sabotage themselves. One of the ways is the failure to follow through which is a next to procrastination. You think about doing something and it sounds good but you don’t do anything about it. “Another great idea stuck in your mind.” You either talk yourself out of it or just don’t do anything about it.

What I’ve learned is that there is no better time than now to begin. We might say to ourselves, “Yes it is a good idea, but I’ll get to it when “this” happens.” The “this” is something we believe will occur in the future. Unfortunately there will always be another excuse that gets in the way. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “You either get results or have excuses.” The next time you have a good idea, make it happen. You are the perfect person to implement it. You had a vision. See it through. Most likely had you already begun, you would have completed the project over and over again. Putting it off doesn’t make it easier. In fact it makes it more difficult. As I’ve said before you could have completed it by now or at least got a head start on completing it.

Even some activities such as hobbies we keep putting off. My newest hobby is going to the gym. I had thought exercising for many years and always had the right gear in my house. There was no way that waiting was going to make it easier. I was starting to look at myself in the mirror as unappealing so I took the plunge and began. I made the commitment to do the work and to get fit.

Anyways, it’s almost the end of the year and although I have been through so much this year with many different experiences. I am happy to say that everything I have been through has been worth it. Slowly moving towards goals I wanna achieve. Starting my new career with a great company to start off the New Year 2013.  I look forward to all my tomorrows.

Im out…. With Love,

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